How to make a lean body healthy, know some easy and friendly tips that help in gaining weight

Losing fat is as difficult a task as it is difficult to gain weight. For a lean, thin and weak person, gaining weight is no less than a challenge. According to experts, lifestyle, diet, and exercise help to gain or reduce weight, and in both cases the use of supplements, medicine, or injections can prove to be harmful.


He says that removing obesity or body fat is not a matter of a few days. Just as obesity comes slowly, in the same way it takes time for the skinny to become fat. To gain weight healthily without jeopardizing your overall health, it is important to improve your diet and stay in touch with your doctor 


Excessive use of protein

When it comes to increasing lean muscle mass or building muscle, protein plays an important role in the body. Weak people should consume more protein-rich food like milk, eggs, and fish. Along with this, it will be appropriate to make vegetables and fruits a part of your diet.

muscle Aesthetic bodybuilding exercises

Exercise is essential for people of all ages and heights. Exercise improves the working capacity of the body by activating its organs and internal system.

Daily exercise under the supervision of an instructor should abound for weight gain and muscle building. It is very suitable for both women and men. Apart from this, do jogging for one hour in the morning so that the food can be absorbed in the body properly.

Aesthetic bodybuilding

Few domestic tricks are also suitable

Soak 10 grains of almond water in the night and keep it. Grind it in the morning and use it by adding 30 grams of butter and sugar as per the requirement. In this way, it will help in increasing body weight faster. Apart from this, it would also be appropriate to use ginger. Soak three figs in a cup of water overnight. Wake up in the morning and use it with water. After a few days, the weight will start increasing and the growth of the cysts will also be visible. A third solution is to eat 2 bananas every night and drink a glass of milk. Even a weak body becomes fat by this practice.

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