If you are also thin, then in this way you can increase weight

 Women should take care of diet for weight gain Apart from exercise yoga, take 8 hours of complete sleep

Have a positive attitude while gaining weight 

Some women are obese and are trying to lose weight. At the same time, lean people are worried about gaining weight. But for thin women, gaining weight is not easy. Because thin women have less muscle density. For women whose weight does not increase easily, it is necessary to pay attention to many important things. The level of testosterone, which helps in building fiber in the muscles of women's body, does not increase easily, that is why women's muscles are not able to get as tight as men's. In planning to gain weight, first, pay attention to your diet, then focus on exercise and yoga. Include such foods in your diet which have more calories, fat, and fiber. Along with this, make a routine which is very helpful in gaining weight. So let us tell you some 8 things to reduce your difficulty.

Hormone test for weight gain

Your weight is less than normal and you blame your diet and lifestyle for this. But is it so. Is there no hormone behind it? For this, you need to get your test done. So you must end this dilemma by getting the investigation done. The weight of women can also be unbalanced due to thyroid. First of all, get your thyroid tested and other hormones found in the body. If everything turns out to be correct in the investigation, then you must try other methods to increase the weight.

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