Back pain due to continuous working in the office Get relief through these effective tips

 Working for hours in the office and sitting in the same position continuously did not cause pain in your back. Sometimes the pain increases to such an extent that even a slight bend in it feels like breaking the body. The office culture of 8 to 9 hours has given back pain to many people. Some people ignore the problem of back pain after waking up as if nothing has happened, but do you know that the problem of back pain for a long time can be dangerous for your health. So let's know today that why does our back hurt and what is its treatment.

People often have back pain and stomach pain due to not sitting or walking for a long time, being overweight, or not exercising. Due to repeated shocks while playing or traveling, many times the spinal cord is affected which causes back pain. Due to excessive mental tension and exhaustion, our back muscles get stretched, which causes back pain. Many times people sleep with their legs folded while sleeping at night. Some people believe that sleeping in this way gives them relief, but sleeping like this can cause pain in your back. Try to sleep straight at night as far as possible.

Back Pain After C Section

1. While walking on the way or sitting anywhere, pay attention that your back is straight. Especially people who spend more time in the office should sit in the straight position because more than half of their life is spent in the office itself.

2. If you resort to exercise to keep yourself fit every day, then do not do any exercise in which you have to lean forward. If you have more pain in your back, then take a break from the workout for a few days.

3. The working culture has made people stick to the chair, due to which their back pain remains. If the same thing happens to you, then you need to take a break at least at an hour's interval. If you cannot go out somewhere, then go from your cabin to another cabin in the office itself and ask about the situation. This will strengthen your friendship and you will get relief from back pain.

4.don't lift any heavy thing. If there is a need to lift heavy objects, first bend the knees and then lift the things. By doing this, instead of going to your waist, all the weight will come on your knees.

5.Eating vitamin D3, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, green vegetables in food also gives relief in back pain. If you can eat non-vegetarian food then definitely include fish in the food. Some such nutrients are found inside the fish which are very beneficial for bones.

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